music poster

Iconic Music Poster | Maneater by: Nelly Furtado


To create an creative interesting, but simple design best suited for the song chosen in class. That must be predominently black with the option of using spot pantone colour.


When creating the poster up to 3 colours can be used and black must be 100%. The song title, artist name and song name must be in a certain typeface, weight and tonal value.


To created an appropriate poster for the song Maneater by Nelly Furtado I came across many ideas from reading the lyrics. I didn’t want my design idea to be generic. Rather than using the image of a male figure with a bite mark in his head. I decided to look base my ideas on phrases that I could use to create a strong and unique concept from. I found that when creating ideas from the lyrics it was either too complicated or there wasn’t enough to work with. Instead I decided to go with the title of the song Maneater. I didn’t want to create a literal concept I read through the song which helped my idea come together. I decided to use a sexy female figure to represent the perfect woman that will love you then take your money. In the Lyrics it described the type of woman that ‘make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love, she’s a maneater.’ From this phrase I created a female figure that iconically represented the realistic form of a woman. I decided to use red because the colour red represents a Vixen that is hard to resist. I gave her horns to symbolize that she is evil. I chose not to give her a mouth to give the illusion that her mouth is a deep dark abyss that never ends. Also because I didn’t want her looking like a character from pacman. This poster would be a good representation of this song because it clearly depicts what the song is expressing in the lyrics. It is about a woman who takes but never gives and everyone wants to be her or be with her.