UI Design

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Giftd User Interface Design


To create an interesting friendly and inviting interface using simple design based off of the clients decisions.


    In order to ensure our design successfully solves the client’s problem we will use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis. This will be guided by task-success (primary test objective) and happiness metrics (secondary test objective). The qualitative research will include the quality and satisfaction of the user experience. This data will be collected through a detailed questionnaire based on the user’s feelings about the general experience when using the web application. The quantitative research will be based on extensive prototype testing of both users (teachers and parents). We will test the user’s ability of completing certain assigned tasks. For teachers, this will include creating a profile, redeeming credits and sending thank you notes. For the parent-users we will look at their ability to create a profile, locate their child’s teacher’s profile, and gift their child’s teachers. Note: parents are also able to send thank you notes to teachers to accompany their gifts.
  • Makes gifting teachers easier
  • Saves time for parents
  • Eliminates unused gifts by providing the teachers a way to buy what they will use
  • Reduce waste
  • Reinvests a percentage of profits into schools, educational initiative and community based charities.
  • Simplicity: The design of the website will need to be simple with a high level of fluency and a low visual complexity. Simplicity is important when creating a functional and timeless website that is user-friendly, and will not intimidate and scare first time users.
  • Easy-to-use: Simplicity will also contribute to an easy-to-use website, creating a frictionless user experience. An easy-to-use website will include legible text, effective navigation and well-formatted content that is easy to scan.
  • Low maintenance: Maintaining the website will have to be easy for the administrators. To achieve this, the website will have to be designed in a way that doesn’t require much input from them.
  • Administrator tasks will have to be easy and simple.
  • Appealing to target market: integral to the Giftd branding is young, contemporary and socially relevant aesthetic that extends to all elements of the website.